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Talking “HEIR today, gone tomorrow”

In HEIR today, gone tomorrow, Hector Hernandez and Michael Anthony Garcia have linked together the works of various artists from the States of Texas and Tennessee to Mexico and Spain exploring the complexities of inheritance, legacy and human interaction. The body of work becomes a journal, a meta-cognitive examination of who we are through our relationships, culture and heritage.

The Artists
HEIR today, gone tomorrow includes the work of Daniel Adame (Houston, TX), Aisen Caro Chacin (Austin, TX), Paco Castro (Guadalajara, Mexico), Gabriel Dawe (Dallas, TX), Carlos Donjuan (Dallas, TX), Santiago Forero (Austin, TX), Eduardo Xavier Garcia (Austin, TX), Sergio Garcia (Dallas, TX), William Hundley (Austin, TX), Kristy Perez (San Antonio, TX), Carlos Rosales-Silva (Austin, TX), Rubén Verdú (Barcelona, Spain), Amelia Winger-Bearskin (Nashville, Tennessee) and Los Outsider curators Michael Anthony García (Austin, TX), and Hector Hernandez (Austin, TX). The artists have produced works of photography, installation, sculpture, and painting to explore what we inherit and what we pass onto others. Some of the works have been specifically produced for the exhibition.




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