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Talking to Paul Gagner

Question: Tell me about “The Leads All Gone”

“The Leads All Gone” is a lyric taken from the blues singer/songwriter Bo Carter. I’ve always had a great affinity towards folk musicians, especially blues artists, and “lost love” is an especially common theme. While this title is a thinly veiled sexual reference, it’s also a metaphor for being washed-up; an anxiety that many artists feel from time to time.

“The Leads All Gone”   Paul Gagner

Talking to Marc Gomez del Moral

Question: Talk to me about your favorite Director

I can’t choose. I love to work with good directors, I learn a lot from them.  I enjoy working Nicolás Méndez and Luis Cerveró. Recently I’ve been working with a Greek  Director, Stefanos Tsivopoulos on his art film. I can tell you, I’m enjoying  his project it’s been a great experience and at the end of the day it’s all about learning.

Question: Who would you like to shoot with

I would  love to shoot with Robby Müller and musical score buy Jon Brion.

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Talking to Howard Sherman

Question: Tell me about making art

I think you’re looking for a romantic answer to what happens in my studio process. Here’s the brutal truth:

Most of my paintings take anywhere from 1-2 months to produce. I work on several things at the same time. When you work everyday like I do, it’s sometimes difficult to recollect one moment from another.

My process is mostly plain and simple hard work. There is very little magical ecstasy. There is not a lot of time spent in a place of zen with your head in the clouds. I think that’s an amateurish outlook.

Having said that, I do think that I’m chasing those special moments when you, “catch lightning in a bottle”. When a painting works, you had a moment or two like that somewhere during the process of creation. You made time in the process to piddle about….maybe get out of your own way.

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