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Talking to Dena Schuckit

Question: Tell me about  “Zagged”

For Zagged, like with all my paintings, I worked from a handful of news photos that I appropriated from those amazing online slide shows that accompany stories about disasters of every sort.  The piece doesn’t represent  any one specific news event, but is a sort of compilation of my physical landscape as represented by what’s going on in the world.


Zagged 2


Los Outsiders – art collective

Los Outsiders

Talking to Ashley Zelinskie

Question: Tell me about “Bird Cages”

“Bird Cages” always raises a lot of interesting questions. Yes, the coffins do contain real dead birds. No, I do not kill them in order to make the piece. They are purchased from a bird farmer who inevitably has a few losses every so often. The piece itself holds Buddhist symbolism. The dead birds are a reference to an old Tibetan Buddhist practice called meditation of the foul. During this process the monk is trained to detach from his impermanent worldly body by meditating on a dead body. When a young monk begins this process the first dead body on which they meditate is a bird. These pieces bring to western culture a little perspective on the quickness and preciousness of life.

Bird Cages


Talking to Ashley Zelinskie

Question: Tell me about “Skin”

My Skin piece is one of my more interesting stories. After raising turtles for a few years i became interested in their skin shedding ritual. I began thinking about the metaphors associated with the shedding of skin such as renewal and change. The challenging part was finding a material that mimics skin. This took me back to my days in elementary school when painting your hands with glue was a common practice in art class. In my performance “Skin” I am forced to hold still as i am painted from head to toe in glue. After hours of layering and drying the skin becomes thick and constricting and the urge to tear through it becomes overbearing. As i peel the skin off the audience is struck with the painful process of removal which is relatable to the self inflicted pain and body modification of female beauty


“Skin”  performance


Top 10 finalist

Soporte Papel, 8/18/2010

I made the top ten.


Looking at Ben Aqua

Ben Aqua

Ben Aqua is a photographer and new media artist based in Austin, Texas. Born in 1981 in Brooklyn, New York, his work has been exhibited internationally and published in NYLON, SPIN, NME, ARKITIP, XLR8R, Beautiful/Decay, and Fecal Face.

“There’s No Place Like Home”

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