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Talking to Paul Beck

Question: Tell me about “Axis of Evel”

Axis of Evel is a tribute to one of my heroes. As I heard one of the catch phrases for our rally to war, “Axis of Evil,” I thought about what goes through the heads of these men of power. I could not comprehend. So much pain and suffering.

I needed to smile and think of a time when all I wanted was to meet Evel, be Evel. The painting Axis of Evel is inspired by the assembly packaging of my Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle.

Evel to me had the spirit of freedom not a controlled man. He put his life on the line with each jump. He jumped 14 busses and paid his bills. Pure art.



Talking to Dameon Lester

Question: Tell me about “Ethnocentric Nature of Line”

Ethnocentric refers to the belief that one’s cultural group is centrally important, and that all other groups are measured in relation to one’s own.  The title loosely references the human race as a singular culture and it is with this mentality that we have separated ourselves from the natural environment.   This particular art show uses man-made materials to create three-dimensional line drawings in space and organic-shaped forms through intense repetitive processes. My attempts at reinventing natural or organic shapes through these processes and materials inevitably result in the beautiful failures that are my sculptures.


Question: Tell me about “Pattern Plan”

 is made by reusing/recycling man-made materials to create vague representations of nature that could only be produced from this second resource of unnatural materials.  These works focus on the circular form relating to one of the most basic building structures in nature and life, from blood cells to microscopic skeletal forms.  These circular units stand alone as individual forms, are shown as truncated sections, or as repeated patterns that potentially create larger environments, and relationships. I wonder to what extent this second material source can sustain human existence as we steadily deplete the earth’s resources. 

For the most part, my interest is in process and creating forms from reinventing very basic craft and art techniques using materials derived from the excess of our culture.


Pattern Plan

Opening reception Friday, September 30, 7-9pm

grayDuck gallery

608 W. Monroe Street, Suite C,
Austin, TX 78704 (S.1st St. & Monroe)

Talking to David Matheson

Question: Tell me about “Untitle”

I’ve been currently building new forms upon pre-existing ones, and the blobs themselves are sorta amorphous interpretations of things not yet revealed or understood.  As Robert Hass put it, “Big subject, big shadow.”



Talking to Jason Archer

Question: Tell me about ” Jesus Cornbread & the Alcoholics”

Jesus Cornbread and the Alcoholics follows the lives of a group of misfits. Despite their best efforts to live responsibly, they continue to screw up along the way. After each misadventure they congregate around their reluctant guru nicknamed Jesus Cornbread, who delivers them infinite wisdom, sustenance and guidance along their path to salvation.


” Jesus Cornbread & the Alcoholics”

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