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Talking to BECHA

Question: Tell me about  “Star of Bethnal Green”

It’s a star of victory, fear, greed, anger, loneliness, pride, envy, rottenness, faith, persistance, love, pain, struggle… all things that everyman posses.


Talking to Jose Lerma

Q: Tell me about “El Pendejo”

El Pendejo was the title of an exhibition I did of portraits painted on office carpets of Carlos II, the last Hapsburg king of Spain.   Due to generations of inbreeding ( ironically, in order to preserve and expand the territories of the house of Austria), he was born  disabled and severely deformed.  Pendejo literally means pubic hair and it’s considered a mild insult in Spanish.   He was one of the most powerful men in the planet and also incredibly vulnerable… maybe, that’s one of the things I  wanted people to think about while they walked on his giant portraits.

El Pendejo, installation view

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