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Talking to Rhonda Dee

Question: Tell me about Second Nature”
I am interested in the body as a site of transformation.
‘Second Nature’ is from a series of large scale paintings on suspended sheets of Mylar film. The hybrid image suggests we are all migrants continually traversing not only the spatial boundaries of continents and
culture, but also the subcutaneous, internal, geographies of body, emotion, and psyche.

Talking to Above

I just recently got back from Cuba where I made a very important and special site specific stencil commenting and drawing more awareness to the crisis in Haiti!

Tell me about “Help thy neighbor”
Cuba is less than 90 miles away from Haiti making them very close neighbors. The young and courageous neighbor is embarking to Haiti to help out those who have fallen victim. The recent earthquakes in Haiti has taken over 230,000 innocent lives, wounded 300,000 and made 1,200,000 people homeless.
Please GET INVOLVED and help donate to send aid and resources to the people of Haiti.
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Talking to David Finegan

Question: Tell me about “Hover & Dangle”

I work intuitively and use materials and narratives that carry over from one piece to the next.  I want to be free and just concern myself with making something challenging, intriguing and interesting to be around and not have to worry about conceptual constraints.  So the work becomes more about the activity of making and how something physically evolves.  I think of this process as a metaphor for how narratives exist in time and space.


Talking to Joey Borovicka

Question: Tell me about “The House Shelters Daydreaming”

The title comes from Bachelard’s book “The Poetics of Space.” I am interested in the spaces we live in and how they shape our imaginations. I set this work in an attic because attics are places rarely visited, but full of memories. I want this piece to read more as an imaginary space than a real one, as if the viewer is sifting through the thoughts and memories of someone’s past.

The House Shelters Daydreaming, oil on canvas, 2009

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