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grayduck presents:IF YOU LOVE IT, LET IT DO

Crim City Collective: Will Grant, PJ Maracle, and Ross Yates

opening reception: friday, january 11, 7-9pm
exhibition dates: january 11 – february 17, 2013
gallery hours: thur – sat 11-6pm & sun 12-5pm | 512.826.5334

Crim City

GrayDUCK Gallery is excited to show case a new site specific installation created by Crim City Collective. Crim City is an Oakland, California transplant originally from the Midwest. Their focus is on process rather than product. These three artists operate with a fast-pace, impulsive working style that explores the idea of major action, instant information and free association.

“Our solution was to create a new style of working heavily based in action, link-think, and a survival of the fittest mentality. Images as well as entire spaces are created from marker, various forms of paint, repurposed materials and architecture all at once in a free flowing manner. Influenced by the aggressive idea-sharing of our current world, the perspectives, facts, and thoughts rendered during our collaborations can be covered up or contradicted by a stronger vision. Once produced, images are subject to destruction. No creation is held sacred.

We create work that explores the idea of major action, instant information, free association, and the first thing that pops into your head minus bitter after taste of self doubt and judgment. There is no reservation, no thought, and no plan to our methods. We see value in the activity, the materials and the motion. The product reflects the process. We are not interested in telling a particular narrative or expressing our feelings about our personal lives.”

6608 w monroe street | suite c | austin tx 78704


Talking “Infinite Perfection”

TINY PARK presents “Infinite Perfection”, an exhibition of new works by Joseph Phillips.

(AUSTIN, TX: December 17, 2012) Opening Friday, January 25, 2013, 7pm to 11pm, at 1101 Navasota Street. The exhibition continues through February 23rd and will be available for viewing 12pm – 5pm on Saturdays and by appointment.

Joseph Phillip’s paintings investigate mankind’s conflicting desires to both embrace and control nature. This contradiction is apparent in the manicured landscape of the suburbs, and the many ways that we shape, recreate, interact with, and replicate nature in the built environment. Phillips states, “Romantics have for centuries pushed for a simpler, natural existence. It’s that desire that pushed people out of cities and into the suburbs in search of a deeper connection with the natural world, while hoping to retain the amenities and conveniences of the city. With mixed results, we are often left with a superficial facsimile of both.”  Looking at our society’s constant demand for expansion and the increasing scarcity of resources, Phillips is as impressed with human ingenuity as he is depressed by the scope of our challenges, and finds a simple beauty behind the impulses that drive our manipulation of the natural world.

Austin-based Phillips received a B.S. in Art & Art History from Skidmore College. His work was previously included in 22 to Watch at Arthouse at The Jones Center and New American Talent at the Austin Museum of Art.

Upcoming Events at the gallery:

February 2, 2013 (8 pm) Fun Party, a literary reading featuring Kate Greenstreet and Katy Chrisler. After the reading Kate Greenstreet will screen a short video.

ABOUT TINY PARK: Tiny Park presents contemporary art exhibitions, readings, performances, and film screenings by local and national artists. Tiny Park also collaborates with guest curators and outside organizations to present conceptually and aesthetically diverse works. Tiny Park is organized by Brian Willey and Thao Votang.

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