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Talking to Rhonda Dee

Question: Can you tell me about “The Only Moving Thing”

‘The Only Moving Thing’ was from a series of paintings I did on heads. The title and part of the concept came from a Wallace Stevens poem “13 ways of looking at a blackbird”. The images are all characterized by intense movement, and cavernous passages that suggest passing through the forms. The other inspiration for this image was the back of my father’s head in his old age. I spent alot of time looking at him in his later years, ‘drawing’ him over in my mind’s eye.

Question: What kind of music you listen to when you paint?

I love listening to Nina Simone, Ben Harper, Chavela Vargas, John Lee Hooker, Billie Holiday, Phillip Glass and Wynton Marsalis particularly, but have alot of mixed stuff in the studio. I also listen to audio recordings of poets while I work.


Talking to Rhonda Dee

Question: Tell me about Second Nature”
I am interested in the body as a site of transformation.
‘Second Nature’ is from a series of large scale paintings on suspended sheets of Mylar film. The hybrid image suggests we are all migrants continually traversing not only the spatial boundaries of continents and
culture, but also the subcutaneous, internal, geographies of body, emotion, and psyche.
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