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Talking to Lynn Lu

Question tell me about “An idealized moment when everything is simple and secure”

(3-hour performance; installation)
“PhD thesis exhibition”; GFAL, Musashino Art University; Tokyo, Japan. 2008

The Tibetian Buddhist nun, Pema Chödrön, once spoke of training ourselves to overcome the fear of the groundlessness of life. Since life is – and will always be – uncertain, Pema suggested that we “stop waiting for some idealized moment when everything is simple and secure”, and instead try to be fully present in each moment.

A man and a woman stand facing each other, on a mound of freshly sprouting grass, with their heads bound together in white gauze. Holding each other in a loose embrace, their hands – behind the other’s back – attempt the impossible task of sightlessly threading a needle with a single strand of cotton. Over time, an unseen quantity of ice wrapped in the gauze melts and drips from their jointly bound heads. Cold water runs continually down their necks, soaking their clothes and trickling down to their bare feet. The soil is nourished and the grass grows.

An idealized moment when everything is simple and secure,  2008

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