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Talking “Las Noticias”, Francisco Moreno

Curbs & Stoops Presents: “Las Noticias”, Francisco Moreno Solo Exhibition
New York, June 23 2012 – Curbs & Stoops & Rhythmology are pleased to invite you to the opening of our first pop-up exhibition. We see this collaboration as an opportunity to experiment at the interstice of art and performance. We hope to create a venue where engaging cultural conversations can happen in a social context. Because we exist outside of the traditions of the inner city art scenes, we can support experimental projects by inner city artists. We also see ourselves as a launching platform for international rising stars breaking into the New York art scene. It is in this spirit that we open with “Las Noticias,” (The news in Spanish), a solo exhibition by Mexican-American artist, Francisco Moreno. In his paintings, murals and installations Moreno explores notions of American identity and iconography. He uses a graphic language of black and white camouflage as a metaphor for assimilation into foreign environments and foreign conditions.
Throughout his work, Moreno considers the process of assimilation for immigrants as they contemplate immersion into American culture. In one room, the “icon paintings” inccessently question, “What determines our Americaness?” Moreno depicts the Dallas cowboy flags and super heroes that he often found proudly plastered across friends “extra rooms” in Texas. In the main exhibition room we share key works from Moreno’s headline series including his RISD thesis installation “Las Noticias.” In this series of work the artist takes queues from annecdotes of his father reading the sports section of the newspaper in order to be able to participate in conversations at work. Interested in more than association, Moreno takes to the same medium to dissect American values. The artist shares, “I want to examine the images, reality, or sheer absurdity of what America considers news. A headline attempts to captures how we function in society now.” No catastrophy falls out of the realm of representation.

Opening Reception: July 20, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Exhibition Dates: Friday, July 20th – September 7
Location: 361 Union Avenue Westbury, New York 11590


Talking Curbs & Stoops: Active Space opening

Curbs & Stoops is pleased to announce the grand opening of Curb & Stoops: Brooklyn with an interdisciplinary art event open to the public. Join us for an evening of art, music and conversation.

Open Studios: Ashley Zelinskie, Brian Maller, Sebastian Vallejo

Participating artists include: Angel Otero, Ashley Zelinskie, Sebastian Vallejo, Brian Maller, Brian Matthew, Christopher Rivera, Hector Arce, Jason Mones, Jeffrey Pena, Jonathan Chapline, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Pep Williams, Hector Hernandez,  Maya Eliya Stein and Rachel LaBine.

Participating collectives: Lapiztola Collective, Super Pop Collective , and UR New York Collective.

Curbs and Stoops: Brooklyn is a 12,000 square foot progressive cultural center designed to promote community through art. We are working quickly to develop the many facets of the physical space which we hope resembles the diversity and excitement of our interactive presence. Once completed the facilities will house artists studios, a residency program, exhibition spaces, and our art accessibility think tank that will continue to produce the Curbs & Stoops blog and curated publication. Friday’s event will include
five exhibitions, three open studios and a party all designed to highlight the range and caliber of artists we will be collaborating with.


566 Johnson Street 2nd Floor
Friday, February 18, 6-10PM

Opening night party with DJ Grimmace.
Beers courtesy of DogFish Head.

Download Event Map Here!
RSVP via Facebook Here.
Download Press Release Here.
Make your own poster Here.
Download Images Here.


Talking about “Something Good”

“Something Good”

Curated by Chloe Gallagher and Jeffrey Pena

The show includes pieces in a variety of media from a wide range of the world’s brightest rising talents including: Aaron Nagel, Ashley Zelinskie, Carlos Donjuan, Chor Boogie, Hector Hernandez, Jeffrey Pena, Korakrit, Lapiztola, Pep Williams, and UR New York. The show will serve as a visual manifestation of the publication’s  curbs and stoops goal to provide exposure to stellar talents.


Talking to Curbs and Stoops .com

Tell me about “Curbs and Stoops”


Curbs and Stoops is only loosely an art collective. I coordinate public art projects and put up street work with other small groups of artists but it is not formally working together. The Curbs and Stoops idea at large, however, is to make art more accessible. That is, art doesn’t have to be for a certain group of people it needs to be more democratic than the way art is shared now. So the name came from picking the thresholds, both physical and philosophical that define our cities; curbs and stoops. It is at these thresholds where art should impact our daily lives.

We have a lot of really fun things coming up from Curbs and Stoops including prints with the Lapiztola Collective in Oaxaca Mexico and another print edition with Cartrain the young london based street artist who took on Damien Hirst in a legal battle (as well as a battle of wits) regarding the appropriation of images by other artists.

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