Talking to Debra Broz

Question: Tell me about “Feeding”

There are two ways the oddities come about: by my finding specific things and having an immediate reaction of what I’m going to do, and by my acquiring things that interest me without knowing when or if they will become something…all objects in the latter case go into something I loosely refer to as “the box” (which at this point is about 4 boxes). After an inordinate amount of time I get everything out of “the box” and look at it. Then there is a mating.
Feeding was made during a mating – I had the leopard cub for a year or so and someone had given me bird piece…the leopard’s head had been broken off before, so I broke it again and I loved the way it fit over the existing bird head, like a mask.

I like the tension between subject and object in these works – little ceramics like these are most often passed off as benign so they can easily camouflage their strangeness behind their kitsch. In this work in particular there is something not purely, but possibly sinister about to happen. Is this a mother feeding a baby or is it an impostor eating a baby? This is the moment before the moment of truth…but there will never be a moment of truth because the time is suspended and the motion is stopped. That type of forever-unresolved question makes me laugh.



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