Talking to Mark Mulroney

Question: Tell me about “Rotterdam”

I was invited to paint a mural in Rotterdam. So I got on a plane sat next to a nice lady and her husband and flew to Amsterdam. Then I took a train to Rotterdam and walked to the gallery. I put my bag down and hopped on a bike and rode across the city to the paint store. I picked out my colors and rode back to the gallery. The next day the paint arrived and I painted a big pink thing. After just a few more days I was finished.

Rotterdam has many nice things like fake bird sounds throughout the city and free public skate parks for the teens so they don’t get hooked on drugs. It was a very short trip and I was happy to get back to the States where the birds are real and all the teens are Robo-trippin’

I appreciate the interest in both my work and the city of Rotterdam.


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