Talking to Abby Ronaldes

Question: Tell me about “Future Perfect”

Future Perfect: A Completed Action Before Something in the Future

This project started about a year ago as a way to think out what I wanted in life- and to think about the vast separation between the things I wanted.  When I was little, my cousin and I would play teenagers.  We would act out what we imagined our future lives to be, with the dramas and excitement of being older.  It was like deciding, if I was in this situation, this is how I would handle it.  So that’s what I did with Future Perfect.  Part of me loves kids and wants to be a mother, and the other part wants to work and not split my attention that way.  This is me trying on that hat and seeing how it would be.  I created this scenario and just tried to live it honestly.


This is a continuation from the piece I am showing at the Texas Biennial at 1319 Rosewood.



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