Talking to Glenn Herbert Davis

Question: Tell me abotu “Track aNd trolly”

This work was inspired by high-risk workers in foundries, mines, and on scaffolding — and further by the Russian soldiers who ran across the roof at Chernobyl. Thoughts to of the Squirt Bridge collapse in Minneapolis (and the workers who built it and the workers who rebuilt it).

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Question : Tell me about “West Tulsa Spent”

West Tulsa Spent, This work commingles autobiography with universals of expenditure.

West Tulsa Spent will be an installation and intermittent, 1 hour performance featuring orations, oblique gesturing, manufacture and/or de-manufacture, sounding, and tap dancing by collaborator Linda Clark. The installation might be best situated as a working space of theatrical mid-moments; as hidden dangers, sublime difficulty and discomfort mix with banality, residue, and dusty remains. What prompted the draw will not be present. Only that which can be reassembled will lay here as sign and suggestion of that which passed through.

Location: grayDUCK Gallery
608 W. Monroe St. | Suite C | Austin, Texas 78704
Time: ‎7:00PM Friday, April 8th

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