Talking to Brett Amory

Question: Tell me about “Waiting”

I started the ‘Waiting’ series in 2000. I was working in Emeryville and living in
San Francisco so I was commuting via Bart. I became really interested in how people looked in the
morning especially on Monday after the weekend. I noticed how everyone seemed to be somewhere
else, not at all in the present. I also started noticing a disconnect. The Bart would be packed shoulder
to shoulder but there would be no communication and minimal eye contact. Back then, the series was
all about Bart and I was taking a more traditional approach to painting. It was more paint what I see
or what the photograph detailed. I stopped the series in 2003 and experimented with a few different
types of mediums and styles of painting.

I came back to the series in 2007, but the idea of waiting changed. The people ceased to be
exclusively travelers, and I began to emphasize figures selected from anonymous snapshots of city
streets. I started pairing down the image to key elements of the compositions to provide an outward
echo of the inner states of the figures. Although the experience of waiting is still there, the perception
of it has changed from one of mundane task to one leavened with transcendence.

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