Talking to Eric Yahnker

Question: Tell me about “Cracks of Dawn”

“I titled my recent exhibition in L.A. “Cracks of Dawn” after this particular piece. Whereas the entire show sheds a perversely poetic light on the continued repackaging of the ‘American dream,’ and its uncanny ability to corrupt and cannibalize in the pursuit of its own preservation, this particular drawing more specifically examines the manifest destiny of women in the modern American political and business landscape. One alarming statistic which bolsters the fact that women will continue to grow as a societal force are that for every two men graduating college in the U.S. today, there are three women. Another interesting fun-fact is the last three White House’s have exclusively contained first daughters, signaling the possibility of a future role-reversing torch-passing by names such as Clinton, Bush, and Obama could only be handed to females. Obviously, I couldn’t conclude a description of this piece without noting the more Freudian implications therein, as well as the consideration of a long list of other definitions/synonyms of “cracks,” but it would require far too much bandwidth to go on…”

Crack of Dawn – 2011, Ambach & Rice @ Kunsthalle L.A., Chinatown, Los Angeles


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