Talking to Daydreaming With….James Lavelle

Question: What is Daydreaming?
Inspired by the desire to marry music and visual art, DAYDREAMING…WITH JAMES LAVELLE is a unique and visceral new exhibition experience, bringing together some of the most high profile and acclaimed creative names working in music, art, film, fashion and design. Each artist will create a brand new artwork inspired by new music composed for the project by UNKLE. Inspired by a lifetime of work and musical collaborations, (UNKLE) takes the role of the Curator for this unprecedented pop-up exhibition at HAUNCH OF VENISON gallery which takes place in Mayfair, London, over the summer. Each track has been assigned to a major contemporary creative, who will in turn respond to the track using his or her own visual language to create a unique experience for the viewer. Working with artists representing a wide range of disciplines, these experiences will be combined under one roof to create the ultimate multi-sensory environment.

2007 Turner Prize nominee, Nathan Coley

Return to the wild, Kai and Sunny

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