Talking to Heyd Fontenot

Question: Tell me about “It’s a Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude World”

It’s a solo show at Inman Gallery. I’ve been represented by Inman for the last 7 years or so. This is my second solo show with them. My artwork usually features my circle of friends, (I photograph them nude and make drawings and paintings, using the photos as resource material). Kerry Inman and Patrick Reynolds who run the gallery thought it would be a fun idea to have the Houston art scene be a part of my work – so, last year I did a few weeks of photo sessions in Houston. I photographed other artists – some of whom I show with at Inman, gallery staff, curators and directors of some of Houston’s museums, writers/journalist/bloggers, collectors…. 35 individuals, total. And so the subject matter of “It’s a Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude World” is a whole bunch of Houstonians.
I’m expecting it to be a really fun opening, where every other person at the show is probably also up on the walls, in their birthday suit…!

Also, the title is a take-off on the old movie title, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” – which has an incredible cast of actors, and was a favorite of mine as a kid.

“Hana Twice, and Dana” 2010


“Two Yets, One with a Knife” 2010


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