Talking to Sarah Applebaum

Question: Tell me about “The Yetis”

Ok, so this is who/what I envision the Yetis to be. The Yetis exist in another dimension on Earth. They live under a mountain and represent the past, present and future. They have a fire always going in the hearth of their ice cave and watch us on a black and white TV; measuring out the length of each of our lives like the Moirae (The Fates) in Greek mythology.




One thought on “Talking to Sarah Applebaum

  1. Messina Studio says:

    This is very interesting – I don’t know where to start, but this was the first post that I had seen on your blog – and I was attracted to the weird men in white suits sitting on a couch picture. I read your blurb about them – and I am enthralled. I would love to see more pics of the yetis interacting with humans 😮

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