Talking to Ashley Zelinskie

Question: Tell me about “Skin”

My Skin piece is one of my more interesting stories. After raising turtles for a few years i became interested in their skin shedding ritual. I began thinking about the metaphors associated with the shedding of skin such as renewal and change. The challenging part was finding a material that mimics skin. This took me back to my days in elementary school when painting your hands with glue was a common practice in art class. In my performance “Skin” I am forced to hold still as i am painted from head to toe in glue. After hours of layering and drying the skin becomes thick and constricting and the urge to tear through it becomes overbearing. As i peel the skin off the audience is struck with the painful process of removal which is relatable to the self inflicted pain and body modification of female beauty


“Skin”  performance


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