Talking to Curbs and Stoops .com

Tell me about “Curbs and Stoops”

Curbs and Stoops is only loosely an art collective. I coordinate public art projects and put up street work with other small groups of artists but it is not formally working together. The Curbs and Stoops idea at large, however, is to make art more accessible. That is, art doesn’t have to be for a certain group of people it needs to be more democratic than the way art is shared now. So the name came from picking the thresholds, both physical and philosophical that define our cities; curbs and stoops. It is at these thresholds where art should impact our daily lives.

We have a lot of really fun things coming up from Curbs and Stoops including prints with the Lapiztola Collective in Oaxaca Mexico and another print edition with Cartrain the young london based street artist who took on Damien Hirst in a legal battle (as well as a battle of wits) regarding the appropriation of images by other artists.


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