Talking to Ivan Puig

Tell me about “homo—nymos”

There are deep similarities among our differences, whether physical, psychological or psychic, behaviors, desires, objects and actions, which make all human beings equal. homo nymos is a collection of comments around humanity.

Parallantos (para= for + llanto = weeping or crying, as para = for + agua = water, the word for “umbrella”) is an installation that invokes mourning for all violent deaths in Columbia and Mexico. Every 13 minutes a person dies because of violent causes in one of these two countries. In 2008, the Institute of Legal Medicine in Columbia reported 15,250 homicides in that country. In Mexico, the System of National Public Security reported 25,129 homicides in the same year. Created as a project specifically for Columbia in October 2009, Parallantos is made up of black umbrellas (paraguas) that open suddenly and close slowly every 13 minutes. The umbrella for weeping (llanto) and pain, of humanity going into mourning constant.


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