Talking to Glennray Tutor

Question:Tell me about “QUARTET (SEE FOR YOURSELF”
The painting is an oil on canvas, 48″ x 48″, completed at the end of November 2009, and is now in the globally respected collection of Butler Snow. It is part of my Comic Book Series. The composition consists of intellectual, emotional, and physical elements. Strictly visually speaking, the painting is about the energy of the objects depicted. Further, however — metaphorically, for example — the painting is about many other things. It’s about the similarities of and the differences between childhood and adulthood; the wonder of being alive in the universe; the possibility of something else beyond what we can perceive; and it deals with the concept of painted illusion, or lack thereof.
Essentially, I wanted to take several parts of reality that fascinate me, and manipulate them into a work or art.


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