Talking to Kathryn Kelley

Talking about “Treading where no one hears the echo of her foot fall”

I breathe

I could no longer stay

Self sequestered there

In the tower of my making

There is no good way to destroy

One’s own tower

While remaining inside

There is no good why to get down

Without help

No one came

I crumbled the tower

Of my making

From within

And now

I wipe the dust from my face

And I stand in the rubble

Of this crumbled tower

I see my feet are on the ground

I reach down

Brush aside the rubble there

I am searching

Searching for my path

I breath and

I am grateful for that breath

Yet I am so grieved

That they need to tell me

I would be and will be destroyed

My breath catches deep within

“Remnant inner tubes” metal & wood, 2010

Now open through April 15 @ Women and Their Work

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