Talking to Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Question: Amelia can you tell me about  “Making Your Place”

Me and Sammy Shaw (a PhD candidate at Vanderbilt in the area of Urban and Cultural Sociology) decided to collaborate on a proposal for the Open Engagement Conference hosted by PSU this May.  Our proposal involved creating this website and launching the project in Portland and across the globe, in hopes of getting some really great/interesting responses.  We will then create an interactive real life tour/project in Portland based on the responses and invite both conference goers and the Portland community to participate in our project in May.  So our project was accepted and now that we’ve created the site we’re ready to start seeing what participants send our way.

The project will continue to unfold until May and then after May we have some more plans to continue doing real life events in other cities as well, so for now I’m just going to try to get the word out there and see where the participants take this project, its an interesting thing to collaborate on an art project with a sociologist, this will be a different kind of art project that is somewhere between social practice art and sociology.


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