Talking to Semâ Bekirovic

Question: Tell me about  “Props series”

The story behind the series Props is a small drama. Last winter I had an idea for a video. The idea had something to do with a skyline getting lost in a desert.

In a small car stuffed with skyscrapers me and some friends drove to the nearest desert (which was in Spain, around 1500km south of Amsterdam). Now this particular desert was supposed to have sunny weather  every day of the year; it hadn’t rained  for 15 years.
Of course when we arrived there was a huge rainstorm in progress. After days of waiting for better weather and a little bit of filming in the few minutes between the rains we decided to cut our losses and go home.
In the end i was happy with the photographs I took, and though I never got to make that movie, it was worth it and lots of fun.


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