Talking to Hunter Cross

Question: Tell me about “Transparency Now”

Transparency Now employs materials common to mid-1990s office environments and elementary school classrooms, stacking prefab bingo chips on overhead projectors to produce images reminiscent of microscopic imagery and vector graphics.

These ‘overheads’ work with the available color palette and are built from a set of devised rules, routines and patterns. This imagery creates a mysterious environment stuck in time, recalling an abandoned office meeting or scientific visualization. By focusing on color and light and its interaction with the site’s glass cases, Hunter Cross scales his work using the compression capabilities of the projected image (e.g. small objects creating larger images) to encourage questions regarding an art object’s materiality and the ease with which its image can enter and exist, perhaps more effectively in a virtual realm. This work is part of Transparency Now, a series of installations demonstrating the potential of this set of rules, routines and patterns when forced to adapt to different site scales.

February 11 – March 13, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday February 11, 2010 6-9pm

Henry Street Settlement 466 Grand Street (on the Lower East Side)

New York, NY 10002


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