Talking to Ivan Puig

Question: Tell me about “Up to the nose”

HASTA LAS NARICES (Up to the nose ) 2004 consists of three sculptural pieces. Many metaphorical images can be found. Its origin is related to exasperating situations and their true proportions.

The format resembles that of a comic book. As the viewer walks  trough the installations a zoom out can be appreciated. This discursive system gives  the third room a special importance, since it is there were the whole piece is synthesized and dimensioned.
The first room is a striking image. It´s hard to believe that you are seeing just what is left of a sank VW Beetle inside a gallery. While the walls, the car and the water, all in white, give you a non-tangible limbo sensation, the static water without a single ripple on it makes the spectator wonder about what he is standing in front of.
Entering the second room makes you part of it, suddenly the spectator feels submerged   ¨up to the nose¨ along with the protagonist. The room walls are painted 5 feet high with  light blue to demonstrate a water tank in wich a  life size self portrait figure of the author seems to be floating, with the water line just below his nose.
Upon  reaching the third room, one finds the piece that  gives the exhibit a real proportion, a nine-inch  glass containing a scale VW beetle and a drowned little man in white water, placed on a table sitting in a room inside a gallery located in the downtown of a city  in a country of a planet.


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