Talking to Michael Sieben

Question: Tell me about the best taco you ever had?

The best taco I ever had was a White Mountain Vegita taco that I made in my kitchen. I cooked the Vegitas in a non-stick pan on medium heat for about ten minutes. While I was heating up the Vegitas I threw some onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and garlic in a pan and cooked them with a little olive oil and tamari. When the vegitas and the veggies were done cooking I heated up some Central Market tortillas (a dude in the bakery explained to me that their recipe was similar to a crepe which is what gives them the slightly elastic texture) and chopped up an avocado. I put all of the taco ingredients in the tortilla, put some avocado on top and then put some field greens on the top of all that other stuff. Then I added some Cholula. I think that’s everything. Then my wife and I sat down at our living room table and ate tacos and watched a movie. Let’s just say it was Dazed & Confused. A lot of people forget that Ben Affleck was in that movie.


Next Year, 2009


Head Home, 2009




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