Talking to Justin Goldwater

Question: Tell me about “Desert Maneuvers”

When I was drawing these desert scenes, I was trying to freeze these energized points in time in my imagination that somehow captured the comical and ludicrous aspect of human camping. I’ve always wanted to drive a shitty car directly into a stand of majestic Saguaro cacti, even though I love them and hate it when I see one that’s been destroyed. They have an energy. Everyone’s been a sleeping bag burrito. Have you ever picked up a huge sack of breakfast tacos for your buddies? You dump it out on the picnic table and there’s this satisfying thump. It is a ridiculous pile of food. Shared human experiences can be referenced obliquely and mingle in odd visual ways; that’s the power of investing fantasy into artwork. It doesn’t have to mean something profound for me. It just should tickle something you maybe didn’t know you had in you. This was one of those drawings that I didn’t think about too hard and yet I was pretty happy with it.


Desert Maneuvers, 2007


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