Talking to Elaine Bradford

Question: Tell me about “The Museum of Unnatural History”

8967666The Museum of Unnatural History was kind of a culmination of years of working on and thinking about these sweater covered animals. I’m a big fan of childrens literature, and how, in stories such as Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz, people find themselves lost in unfamiliar places that seem to exist right along side our own. I have always been interested in this idea of parallel worlds, and what you might see in them if you could just find the entrance. So as I had been making all these animals covered in colorful crocheted sweaters, I was thinking about running into them in the natural world. Images of walking through a forest and seeing a deer in a sweater cross your path kept popping into my mind. I wanted to create that experience for the viewer, and enable them to see into that world. Natural history museums are some of my favorite places. The way they recreate nature to bring it to people who might not see it seemed like the perfect solution for bringing my sweatered creations to the viewers. With a lot of help from friends I created these life sized dioramas which let people peek into this world of the Sidereal. A writer friend of mine, JD Ho, created amazing scientific text allowing you to read all about the creatures and their habitats, which really added to the educational museum feel of the show. And I hope the whole experience helped people suspend their disbelief for a little while, and be able to believe that these kind of worlds can exist.


Tragus januali, 2009


One thought on “Talking to Elaine Bradford

  1. alejandra says:

    I absolutely love the whimsy and magic of Elain’s cozy covered fauna.

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