Talking to Jill Pangallo

Question: Tell me about “Let me Entertain You”

“Let Me Entertain You,” was about me letting myself off the hook after all the grad school over-thinking. I wanted to get away from focusing on whether or not what I was doing “art” and just put on a show. Who cares if it’s performance art or sketch comedy—I just want to “entertain” you! At first, I was feeling shy about falling back into the “one woman show” cliché, but in the end I couldn’t deny who I really am. (I have mostly Carol Burnett and Lily Tomlin to thank for that.) LMEY provided an excellent opportunity to pull together a lot of performance projects that I’d started, but hadn’t finished. It was exciting to see different threads and themes emerge as the show evolved. Of course, identity—that’s central to my work to begin with—but also communication, isolation, and the confusion overload of a hypertext world! LMEY also wouldn’t have been the project it was without the skills of many talented collaborators: Alex P. White, Ivan Lozano, Max Juren, Michelle Marchesseault, Lee Kerby Webster and many others. I am a huge fan of the collaboration. If you haven’t got some, get some.


Let Me Entertain You,  2009

LMEY on Flick


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