Question: Tell me about “Frames”

I’m tired of doing work for money. I would rather give my art away. The idea of selling my work is one of my biggest battles, and it inevitably interrupts the process. I start thinking about the “audience” and what people will like. What they will hang on their walls.  Its important for me to shut that out. Otherwise, my work doesn’t flow naturally. So at its root, the frame installations are a reaction against selling. I have such a hard time putting price tags on my memories. So that’s one facet of it. Putting the frames up in public also allows me to liquidate. I have so much work piling up in my studio, and it is nice to take piles of it and release it into the wilderness. And out there,  anyone is free to look at it, or not look at it. And anyone can come by and add to my work, or take a piece home, or throw it in the dumpster.

An ongoing project of curating original art work in the public space. Members of the collective send framed works to one artist, and that artist installs the works on the streets.


Frames, 2009


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