Talking to Mimi Kato

Question:  Tell me about “One Afternoon”

I love theater and performance even though I have never acted on stage. The process of my work satisfies my secret urge to become a performer. I describe my work as one-person theater. In my work, I play the rolls of all the characters, sew the costumes and narrate the scene. The stage set is prepared as I draw the background illustrations for the work.
One Afternoon stems from the scenery, life style, daily routines and happenings of people living in typical old suburban towns in Japan. The scenes are very similar to those that I experienced growing up. It is typical in an urban setting that your neighbors are living right on top of you. There is no breathing space between one residence and the next. You can hear and feel them throughout the day and night. There are many grey areas of private, communal and public space in condensed areas. The gestures of the figures in One Afternoon are exaggerated to bring out the absurdity of the human condition in contemporary urban environments.


One Afternoon,  2009


One Afternoon, detail


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