Talking to Jared Steffensen

Question: Tell me about “Land of 10”

For Land of Ten, I was trying to find a way to include the other nine artists in what I was going to do for the show. We were all from different parts of the world, India, Japan, and the US. So, I decided to use the piece as a way to bring us all together in the same way that the exhibition was. I wrote all of them and asked if they could tell me something about the landscape where they call “home”. I used their responses to develop each of the individual islands. Seven of the nine artists described specific things about the landscape around where they grew up, like certain kinds of trees, sand, and hills/ mountains. The remaining two had different responses to the question. One said that she never really felt she had a home and was more nomadic, always moving from place to place. So, I chose to represent her as the river that runs through the entire piece. The other said that she could live any where and that would be where she considered “home”. She is represented by a colorful tree that exists on all of the eight islands.


“Land of 10” 2007


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