Talking to Phil Ashcroft

Question: Tell me about “Hinkley  and Olkiluoto”

the ‘Hinkley’ and ‘Olkiluoto’ series of paintings (2007-) – these are paintings referencing aging nuclear power stations that have either reached the end of their working lives, face decommissioning, or are to expand into new builds as the next generation of nuclear power stations.
‘Hinkley B’ (2008) the force of an immense alien dark matter hangs menacingly over a man-made, once-utopian structure whilst


‘Olkiluoto’ (2008) depicts a faded, distant nuclear power station sits underneath the fragmented shards of an overhanging, mountainous, golden yellow ore.

In these paintings there is a collision between the abstract ‘other’ elements and the muted real landscape, where scale, depth and positioning between the two appear uncertain.


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