Talking to Noé Cuéllar

Question: Tell me about ” Spare Room With A Crucifix”

“Spare Room With A Crucifix” is a reiteration of previous collaborations between myself and choreographer Adam Rose. I scored music for two of his solo performances, and the exchange quickly became a visual collaboration as well.

I made four photographs based on four of his most recent performances (“Mother’s Revenge”, “Saturn”, “Conjunction”, and “0=2”), which I read as portrayals of fabled characters of his own creation, in relation to occult research from an urban perspective.

For the production of “Spare Room” as a video installation, I presented these four photographs as ‘playing cards’ to three brilliant performance artists in Chicago: Smiley Thims, Marissa Perel, and Charles Mahaffee – who each rendered a card in site-specific performances.

“Spare Room” became an exploration on the boundaries of collaboration and the levels of extraction of a single performance potential.6800_213245720719_543240719_7677896_6824995_n

Spare Room With A Crucifix,  2009


2 thoughts on “Talking to Noé Cuéllar

  1. jai says:

    This artist kinda scares me.

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