Talking to Carlos Rosales-Silva

  Artist: Carlos Rosales-Silva

Question: Tell me about Untitled (Chamberlain Alamo)

Untitled (Chamberlain Alamo)
I remember sitting in Texas History class at UT realizing how much a crock of shit grade school history lessons were. I spent alot of time during that lecture coming up with several beginnings of ideas for work that I have made and it kind of sparked an obsession I now have with academic historical revisionism in books and film. The sculpture grew out of the frustration with the Alamo legend, in which the Texans are cast as these unflinching heroes, when in reality the entire battle was ill advised and not authorized, a battle in which hundreds of men die because of William Travis’ stubborn pride. I wanted to literally crush this symbol of misguided pride, a symbol that is everywhere in San Antonio and instantly recognizable in Texas lore. The text on the table was a sort of impotent gesture in which a the winners of the battle are basically talking trash to the losers, the irony being that Mexico eventually loses the war and the text is then carved in to the table in an act of frustration. The table is also missing a leg but still standing, confusing the physical and visual structure of the table and again refers to the incomplete versions of history we receive and also gives the table a powerful physical presence once this detail is discovered.


Untitled (Chamberlain Alamo)

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